Intro to O’Fiddlesticks

Because everybody’s doing it, right? I decided to start a blog after realizing that I talk to myself WAY too much. I need an outlet to tell  my thoughts and stories, so I can stop looking like a crazy lady, driving around talking to herself. I think as a new mommy, experiencing so many things for the first time, I have a need to process and reprocess what is going on in my life. I go over things, over moments in my head, thinking about them, remembering them. I think about what advice would’ve been helpful, what advice wasn’t helpful… I am constantly thinking about these different aspects of “being mommy” and I decided starting a blog to organize my thoughts might be just what I need.

This blog is intended to my outlet, but also to be used as advice and encouragement for other new mommies. It’s a rough life out there, and it’s always helpful to know there’s other people going through the same things as you.

My mommy adventure so  far has included: a wonderful, natural pregnancy, a crazy but beautiful homebirth, unexpected co sleeping, breastfeeding my baby T, learning how to cloth diaper, getting peed on, pooped on, spit up on, and drooled on, and so many more amazing things that make my life beautiful. Being a mommy is a challenge, an adventure, and I can’t wait too what the next day holds.


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